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I was referred, by this site to Chris Holland of Plumb-It- to Earth Inc at 416-994-5162 and was very very happy with him, and have since recommended him to others who are equally happy.
Deacon, Elizabeth

I have also used Chris and he was excellent.

Thank you to everyone who recommended a PLUMBER, CHRIS HOLLAND from PLUMB IT TO EARTH, 416-994-5162. This is to add my voice to the choir. I would recommend this guy to my grandmother. Intelligent, skilled, diligent, punctual, goes above-and-beyond, reasonably priced and absolutely honest and reliable. Cannot say enough. I have recommended him to friends who were also v. happy. ROSS STUART, is also an absolute gem. He came by and helped me out several times, without hesitation. He is very practical, reasonably priced and well-informed. Very kind and has a love of the neighbourhood. Fabulous guy. Feel free to email me if you would like more details on either or both. I have gone through renovations etc so these recommendations are hard won.

Plumb-It- to Earth Inc Chris Holland at 416-994-5162. He was great and reasonable. He was willing to help us with our creative plumbing issues. I want pot drawers under the sink and he was willing and able to come up with a clever solution to meet my drawer needs. Welcome to the hood.

Basement leak caused by clogged toilet - Exceptional Service
Chris went above and beyond. He is highly skilled, intelligent and reliable. He is also honest and his prices are fair. I cold called him based on internet recommendations after receiving a call from my tenants when I was out of town. In my absence he liased with the tenants, fixed the toilet and was able to confirm that the flood in an adjacent bedroom was caused by the clogged toilet. There had been water in the bedroom a few weeks before and at that time I called in a number of basement specialists, none of whom could figure out what the problem was. As a result Chris ran numerous tests and confirmed that the leak was related to the toilet. I am so grateful for the way he handled a situation that could have escalated if it hadn't been properly dealt with. Throughout my interactions with him he was on time, in touch, systematic, clear and precise. He never pretended to know more than he did or speculated beyond the evidence. Having been jaded by inept contractors etc in the past, I do not make such a high recommendation lightly! Feel free to contact me at if you'd like more details.
GS Dufferin Grove - Jan 15, 2010

House Reno, all new plumbing
Chris is a reliable, excellent, efficient, personable, trustworthy, plumber. we started from scratch needing everything and have absolutely no complaints. i refer him to everyone i know who needs a plumber.
Watermelon - Feb 23, 2009

Anyone who ever needs a plumber in town, call Chris Holland of Plumb-It- to Earth Inc at 416-229-2474. He's quick, friendly, did not mock my duct-taped monstrosity, and installed a new showerstick.
I will now spend the weekend in the shower, with beer and my showercat!


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